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CHAKRA(S): Heart, Third Eye & Crown  

VIBRATION: Number 1  

ZODIAC: Scorpio  

ATTRIBUTES: Alexandrite is a stone of abundance and joy and a symbol of power.  Alexandrite is a guardian stone named after Czar Alexander II of Russia.  Like Beryl, Alexandrite is a stone of new beginnings and for increasing personal power and creativity. Alexandrite stimulates the intuitive and psychic senses, opening the heart to Divine Love and opens the crown chakra. Alexandrite facilitates access to the Akashic Records and may assist one in perceiving alternate and past-life experiences closely related to Ancient Egyptians and Atlantean energies.  This stone links to the esoteric knowledge once stored in the Library of Alexandria and is said to bring luck in love when worn over the heart. Alexandrite is a balancing energy that harmonizes male and female energies. Alexandrite assists in accurately perceiving emotions and allows you to see both sides of the picture as it integrates the rational and intuitive view points.  Alexandrite connects to higher vibrational dimensions and shifts colors when different wave lengths of light shine upon them.  It is a stone of high wisdom and heart energy, opening the heart chakra and third eye and lends a sense of hope even when all seems lost.  Alexandrite can be used to attract wealth and abundance, to assist in manifesting your dreams and desires.   

HEALING: Alexandrite stimulates and balances the nervous and glandular systems. Alexandrite may be used to soothe inflammation, tension in neck muscles and may help to lessen the side effects of leukemia.  Alexandrite may be supportive to the pineal and pituitary glands, spleen, pancreas, liver, male reproductive organs and neurological tissues.  Alexandrite is beneficial for longevity and may aid with the resistance to toxins and pollutants.  Alexandrite is an excellent crystal tool to use as energetic support for those fearful of the healing process or when preparing for surgery.