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CHAKRA(S): Third Eye

VIBRATION: Number 22 

ZODIAC: Aquarius 

ATTRIBUTES: Albite is a form of feldspar, in addition to the properties of feldspar, this mineral eliminates fear of the unknown.  Albite opens the third eye and connection to the psychic self and the intuitive aspect of the mind.  Albite assists during astral projections, psychic reading, remote viewing and other psychic endeavors, a wonderful stone to use for lucid dream work. Albite is purifying to the auras and effective in healing or used in therapy rooms to stabilize healing energy fields to absorb and process healing release during healing sessions. Albite stimulates clarity in thought and enhances the stabilization of the frequency of brain wave transmissions.  Albite encourages one to flow with relationships, situations and the activities of interactions, enhancing tact and cooperation.  Albite is a strong Wind element that stimulates the mind, cognitive abilities, memory and the processing of information.  Working both the physical brain and the mental body of the energy field. A useful stone in dispelling fog, uncertainty and confusion and assist those  who feel trapped. Albite helps one to find a course of action in order to change their reality. Albite is an excellent stone for students or those structured learning situations, as it enhances the assimilation and retention of information. Feldspar has been found as a constituent of moon rock and provides for a connection and communication access with inter-galactic intelligence.  Albite assists one to locate misplaced items and understanding of previously unidentifiable messages.

HEALING: Albite has been used  to clarify and to treat disorders of the eyes, restrictions of the blood flow and ambulatory disorders.  It is a purifier for the disturbed portions of the physical body.  Albite is useful for those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and brain damage, for those with low mental energy or clarity and assists in the assimilation of nutrients from food.  It enhances memory, clarity and mental focus, lends order to disordered thought patterns.  Albite stimulates the metabolism and balances appetite and digestion, useful where digestive issues arise due to stress, overwhelmed feelings, or an over-dependence upon left-brained problem-solving approaches to emotional issues.