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Tiger Iron or Mugglestone Tumbled Crystals #171311

Tiger Iron or Mugglestone Tumbled Crystals #171311

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Mugglestone, also known as Tiger Iron, is a beautifully naturally colored stone containing sedimentary deposits of Hematite, Golden Brown Tiger's Eye and Red and Yellow Jasper. Tiger Iron exhibits the metaphysical properties of all its components. Tiger Iron is a very powerful  root and sacral chakra stone promoting physical vitality, energy and stamina while assisting those who are feeling burnt out on emotional, mental, and physical levels.  Tiger Iron is good for healers and empathic people who may be drained by taking on other people stuff.  Tiger Iron is a very strong protective stone and keeps one grounded, balanced and centered as it synthesizes the energies of the Sun and the Earth. Tiger Iron  encourages creative solutions to artistic endeavors whether you are a writer, musician, artist and/or actor.  Physically stimulating vitality it has been used to promote the assimilation of B-complex vitamins and may help with white/red blood cells. Tiger Iron has also been used to strengthen the muscular structure and aids in the production of natural steroids. 

      .1oz/ 3g +     .5" / 15mm +     2 pieces       $1.00

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