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Watermelon tourmaline

CHAKRA(S): Throat, Third Eye/Brow, Root, Heart

VIBRATION: Number 2, Black 3 & 4, Blue 2 & 9, Colorless 6 & 7 Green 6, Multi-Colored 8, Neon 5, Orange 8, Pink 9 & Master 99, Rubellite 1, 2, 4 & 5, Rubellite And Lepidolite 5, Watermelon 2, Yellow 1, 4 & 33

ZODIAC: Libra, Black Capricorn, Blue Libra & Taurus, Brown Aries, Multi-Colored Gemini, Neon Virgo, Orange Leo & Scorpio, Pink Libra, Rubellite Sagittarius & Scorpio, Rubellite & Lepidolite Libra & Scorpio, Watermelon Virgo & Gemini, Yellow Leo

ATTRIBUTES:  Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into higher vibration, grounds spiritual energy. Tourmaline clears and balances all the chakras and forms protective shield around the body. Tourmaline is a shamanic stone that brings protection during rituals, balances the meridians and may be used for scrying. Tourmaline may be used as a natural insecticide, keeping pests at bay, buried in the soil encourages growth and health of all crops. Tourmaline promotes self confidence, diminishes fear, banishes any feeling of being a victim and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. Red, Yellow and Brown Tourmaline are beneficial for sexuality and the emotional dysfunction due to loss of libido.

HEALING:  Tourmaline may be helpful in spinal adjustments. The striations along the side of Tourmaline enhance energy flow, excellent for healing, energy enhancement and removal of blockages.


BLACK TOURMALINE (SCHORL): It protects against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack, spells and ill-wishing and negative energies of all kind. It promotes laid-back attitude and clear rational objective and encourages positive attitude, altruism and practical creativity. It strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia and arthritis, provides pain relief and realigns the spinal column. 

BLUE TOURMALINE (INDICOLITE): Activates the throat and Brow/Third Eye chakra, stimulates the urge for spiritual freedom and clarity of self expression. It aids psychic awareness, promotes vision, encourages fidelity, ethics, tolerance and love of truth and helpful to others. It is a useful diagnostic tool to identify diseases, benefits pulmonary, the brain and immune systems. Blue Tourmaline corrects fluid imbalances, treats kidney and bladder, thymus and thyroid and chronic soar throat, larynx, esophagus and eyes. It soothes burns and prevents scarring and useful to overcome speech impediment.

BROWN TOURMALINE (DRAVITE): is an excellent grounding stone, clearing and opening the earth chakra and the grounding cord holding the physical body in incarnation. Brown Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for support as one travels down a chosen spiritual path. Brown Tourmaline sustains life-force energies fostering perseverance while accomplishing the inner work necessary to ascend. Brown Tourmaline brings hidden patterns and issues to the surface allowing one to calmly review and release all that no longer serves them. Brown Tourmaline helps one to see the aspects of oneself that have been hidden out of fear or denial. Brown Tourmaline guides one to a gentle healing, provides emotional strength, and allows for new ways to manifest the highest good. Brown Tourmaline helps to clear the aura, protects and facilitates the alignment of the etheric body. Brown Tourmaline encourages community spirit and social commitments, and may facilitate the healing of dysfunctional family relationships. Brown Tourmaline may help one move through and be energetically supported while processing grief. Brown Tourmaline has a strong connection to the earth energies and may be used to stimulate the growth of plants. In healing, Brown Tourmaline stimulates regeneration and is excellent for blood purification and supporting a healthy lymphatic system. Brown Tourmaline may help to treat skin diseases and intestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

COLORLESS TOURMALINE (ACHROITE): It synthesizes all other colors and opens the Crown Chakra. It aligns the meridians of the physical and etheric bodies. 

GREEN TOURMALINE (VERDELITE): It opens the heart chakra, promotes compassion, tenderness, patience and a sense of belonging. It transforms negative to positive energies, dispels fears, and promotes openness and patience. It magnetizes the wearer to prosperity and abundance, and has the power to heal plants. This stone treats eyes, heart, and thymus, brain and immune system. It facilitates weight loss and useful detoxifier and heals constipation and diarrhea and can reduce claustrophobia and panic attacks.

MULTICOLORED GEM TOURMALINE (ELBAITE): This stone contains all colors resulting to bring mind, body, spirit and soul into wholeness. It provides gateway into inner self and the higher spiritual realms. The stone stimulates metabolism and the immune system.

PURPLE-VIOLET TOURMALINE: It connects the base and the heart chakras, increasing devotion and loving aspiration. It unblocks the third eye, stimulates the pineal glands and strips away illusions. In healing, reduces depression, releases obsessional thoughts and treats sensitivity to pollutants, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and CFS.

PINK TOURMALINE is an aphrodisiac that attracts love in the material and spiritual world, providing assurance that it is safe to love. Pink Tourmaline assists in sharing physical pleasure, disperses emotional pain and old destructive feelings. Pink Tourmaline balances a dysfunctional endocrine system and treats heart, lungs and skin.

RED TOURMALINE (RUBELLITE) strengthens the ability to understand love, promotes tactfulness and balances aggression or passivity, offers endurance and stamina. Rubellite helps to heal the heart, gives vitality to the physical body and detoxifies. Rubellite treats digestive system, blood vessels and the reproductive system,and is useful for muscle spasms and chills. Rubellite also stimulates blood circulation, spleen and liver functions and repairs veins.

WATERMELON TOURMALINE (PINK ENFOLDED IN GREEN): Is the super activator of the heart chakra, fosters love, tenderness and friendship, and instills tact and diplomacy. This stone encourages regeneration of the nerves especially in paralysis or multiple sclerosis.


BLACK TOURMALINE WITH MICA: Returns ill-wishing to its source and efficient in nullifying electromagnetic smog.

BLACK TOURMALINE ROD IN QUARTZ: Excellent for neutralizing psychic or actual attacks, strengthening the person on the receiving end and enhancing their well being.

TOURMALINE WITH LEPIDOLITE: On a matrix is excellent for giving up addictions of all kinds, understanding the reason behind the addiction and acceptance of denial.