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 6/8/2006  by 
CHAKRA(S):  Root  / Base



ATTRIBUTES: The chemical composition of Marcsite is identical to Pyrite distinguished by their crystalline formations.  This mineral provides one with the view of oneself from outside perspective and can produce insight to correcting the qualities which are unwanted, usually opposing conscious self appraisal.  It reminds one for unwanted personal traits and show how one may appear dull to others, encouraging one to "shine".  It illumines the senses, the intellect, softening expressiveness, dispelling the use of rash words and impatient actions.  Marcasite represents spiritual development, eliminating starvation of the spirit. 

HEALING: This mineral can  be used in the treatment of skin disorders, moles, warts, and freckles.  The stone can be placed to the affected area or as an elixir taken internally or applied topically.       .

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