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Shiva Lingam
CHAKRA(S): Sacral 

VIBRATION: Lingam - Number 1, Shiva Lingam - Number 6, Narmadeshvara Lingam - Number 8 

ZODIAC: Scorprio

ATTRIBUTES: Lingams are configured as solid tube rounded on both ends, with smooth finish due to natural river-tumbling.  It is also known as Shiva Lingam and Narmadeshvara Lingam.  Shiva Lingam is known as the stone of the "Kundalini". Shiva Lingam activates the movement of the sacred energy which one may comprehend the profound mysteries of enlightenment leading to spiritual consciousness and actualization of perfection. Shiva Lingam stimulates the conduction of the energies of the body into a subtle channel through the spine awakening each major energy centers on the path towards the crown chakra.  Shiva Lingam has been used as fertility stone and believed by Hindus as the embodiment of Lord Shiva.  In Sanskrit, Lingam is the sacred word for phallus, in Tantra it is a dynamic expression and embodies masculine energy.  The markings named Yoni - sacred Sanskrit word for vulva - depicts the feminine energy, wisdom and intuition.  The female energy arouses the masculine urge to create which unifies the yin-yang energy into perfect harmony and balance.   Placement of the Lingam stone stimulates and opens each chakra energy centers on an upward movement from the base to the crown chakra.  Each application of the "Lingam" will provide for the progression of the movement  of the Kundalini through the chakras and ultimately feel the movement from the base to the crown chakra.  It has also been used for construction, conquest and to balance male qualities.

HEALING: Shiva Lingam may be used to balance the fluids of the body, ameliorate back pain, and to assist in the alignment of the spine. Lingam has been used to relieved menopausal symptoms, increase fertility, dispel male frigidity and alleviate prostrate disorders.