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 2/19/2010  by 
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CHAKRA(S): All especially Etheric 
VIBRATION: Number  1 & 4 
ATTRIBUTES: Esoteric, New Age, Lemurian Seed Wands Quartz Crystals are rare and the colors can be clear, smoky, pink, tangerine, yellow and blue.  They come from the Diamantina Region of Brazil, famous for the long tapered Laser Wands.  Lemurian Seed Wands are a family of Quartz, usually long points, deeply etched horizontal striations on alternate faces, often frosted on its natural formations and can be polished and shaped.  Lemuria is believed to be an ancient civilization to have sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean many eons ago and remembered with much more centered upon the emotional and spiritual dimensions.  Lemurian Seed Crystals holds a blessing of unconditional love as we enter a profound vibrational shift and facilitates evolution to lightworkers and others.  This crystal is structured to allow one to "climb" up the etheric levels of the body (the seven chakras and levels of being) and powerful in assisting one in communicating with angels and spirit guides.  It is said to stimulate the limbic part of the brain, which is our instinctual, animalistic part that stimulates the cerebral spinal fluid with a higher frequency.  Lemurians creates a holographic transmission received which help us evolve our consciousness to include the linear and mundane equally with the divine and cosmic.  Lemurian Seed facilitates angelic contact and an excellent tool for chakra clearing, balancing, and dream work.  It can be used for grids and in healing energy work for removal of strong energy blockages.  Lemurians open a star gate, anchoring ancient wisdom in the present and reawakens to spiritual training and healing abilities, consciouslly reconnecting to past knowledge.  In past-life therapy, Lemurians can access before the dis-ease or destructive emotional patters set in and facilitates recovery of inner perfection.  It removes karmic debris and soul imperatives.  Lemurian Seed activates higher resonances of each chakra, integrating with the lightbody and facilitates deep communication between physical and subtle levels of being, grounding vibrational shifts into the physical.  Lemurians are manifestation crystals, it teaches one that thoughts are creative and takes on form and when harnessed to the right intent and sel-belief can manifest full potential.  Sleep one under the pillow to enter a significant dream or to obtain clarity and insight, for conscious dreaming or dreaming up a new reality.  These crystals are powerful meditation tools and assist one in connecting with the feminine archetypal energies of the Goddess, the Great Mother and other respresentations of the sacred feminine.  Lemurians are powerful balancers of duality and assist in finding the point of harmony within which goes beyong polarity and join one with the Divine energy of the Creator.  Lemurians can assist one to rise above the perceived isolation, loneliness, and separations of the Earth Plane, to join in union with the celestial realms from which we have come.  Lemurians can be used in the medicine wheel or gridded, especially when activated with Elastial Quartz, these stones open a multi-dimensioanl healing space and powerful energy portal taking past, present and future, through which any part of soul evolution can be accessed and transformed.  Use Lemurians with Smoky Elestials to anchor high-vibration energy and activate a cosmic anchor for the lightbody.  This crystal combines well with Hanksite to cleanse and purify Lemurian negative energies, transforming into positive memories.  Lemurians that are also Dow Crystals enhances telepathy and channeling abilities and can activate transpersonal chakras above the head and a tool to assist in bringing about Christ-consciousness.
HEALING: Lemurian Seed Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. It is excellent for soothing burns, harmonizing all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used in the treatment of disorders of spinal alignment, circulatory disorders, ameliorate toxicity, strengthen the structure of the veins and disseminate and disperse growths.  It is beneficial in balancing polarities, carpal tunnel syndrome, strokes, multi dimensional healing, multi dimensional cellular memory healing, efficient receptor for programming and brings the body into balance.  Like a Laser, Lemurians cut out the dis-eased or outworn, opening new energy channels in the subtle and physical bodies.
SMOKY LEMURIAN: is also known as Shadow Healer and is an efficient karmic cleanser, freeing from the past and assisting understanding exactly how misuses of power in previous lives-as victim or perpetrator-created a karmic net that held you in a dense vibration.  This stone teaches wise use of power and creates an empowered soul able to operate multi-dimensionally with full awareness.  This crystal  shows that we can appreciate light when courageously facing and embracing darkness and facing our shadows. 
CITRINE LEMURIAN: brings spiritual abundance that can access gifts and skills from the past in any dimension to work in your present environment.  This crystal is attuned to the golden flame of the illumined mind and shows how to rebalance the Earth's grid to facilitate shifting into an abundant Earth.
TANGERINE DREAM LEMURIAN: rectifies karmic and soul imbalances and amends the etheric blueprint to accomodate the higher vibrational needs of the lightbody.  This Lemurian has an accelerated energy pattern that offers profound change and activates soul-based creativity.
PINK LEMURIAN: is strongly heart-centered, attuned to the pink flame of unconditional, compassionate love, removing emotional and karmic debris from the heart chakra and emotional body, taking it to a purer vibrational state and bringing in universal love.  This crystal removes emotional ties and dissolves misused or abused heart-energy imprints from Lemuria or Atlantis, facilitating emotional independence in your present life, activating the lightbody heart chakra.
BLUE LEMURIAN: offers an overview of lives and why you incarnated again.  This crystal stimulates journeys through multi-dimensions to insight needed for the service you offer and ideal for healers, as negativity does not stick.  It can assists diagnosis and locating the site of dis-ease, jumping at the point of greatest disharmony which dissolves and flushes with light.

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