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Crystal Names

In the old days, it was considered good fortune
to wear all together your
Name Stone, Birthstone and Patron Saint's Stone
Abraham Aragonite Helen Hyacinth
Adelaide Andalusite Henry Heliolite
Adolphus Albite Herbert Hyacinth
Agnes Agate Horace Harlequin Opal
Albert Agate Hubert Heliotrope
Alexander Alexandrite Hugh Heliodor
Alice Alexandrite Humphrey Hypersthene
Alfred Almandine Garnet Irene Iolite
Ambrose Amber James Jade
Andrew Aventurine Jane Jacinth
Anne Amber Jasper Jasper
Archibald Axinite Jerome Jadeite
Arnold Aquamarine Jessie Jasper
Arthur Amethyst John Jacinth
Augustus Agalmatolite Joseph Jargoon
Beatrice Basalt Josephine Jadeite
Belle Bloodstone Julia Jade
Benjamin Bloodstone Julius Jet
Bernard Beryl Lambert Labradorute
Bertha Beryl Lawrence Lapis Lazuli
Caroline Chalcedony Leo Lepidolite
Catherine Cat's Eye Leonard Loadstone
Charles Chalcedony Louise Lapis Lazuli
Charlotte Carbuncle Lucy Lepidolite
Christian Crystal Margaret Moss Agate
Clara Carnelian Mark Malachite
Claude Kyanite Martha Malachite
Clement Chrysolite Marie Moldavite
Conrad Crocidolite Mary Moonstone
Constance Crystal Matthew Moonstone
Constantine Chrysoberyl Maurice Moss Agate
Cornelius Cat's Eye Michael Microline
Dennis Demantoid Garnet Nathan Natrolite
Dorea Diamond Nicholas Nephrite
Dorian Diamond Olive Olivine
Dorothy Diaspore Oliver Onyx
Edith Eye-Agate Osborne Orthoclase
Edmund Emerald Oswald Obsidian
Edward Epidote Patrick Pyrope
Eleanor Elaeolite Paul Pearl
Elizabeth Emerald Pauline Pearl
Ellen Essonite Peter Porphyry
Emily Euclase Phillip Prase
Emma Epidote Ralph Rubellite
Ernest Euclase Raymond Rose Quartz
Eugene Essonite Richard Rutile
Ferdinand Feldspar Robert Rock Crystal
Frances Fire-Opal Roger Rhodonite
Francis Fire-Opal Roland Ruby
Frederick Fluorite Rose Ruby
George Garnet Sarah Spodumene
Gertrude Garnet Stephen Sapphire
Gilbert Gadolinite Susan Sapphire
Gladys Golden Beryl Theodore Tourmaline
Godfrey Gagates Theresa Turquoise
Grace Grossularite Garnet Thomas Topaz
Gregory Grossularite Garnet Valentine Vesuvianite
Gustave Galactite Vincent Verd-antique
Guy Gold Quartz Walter Wood Opal
Hannah Heliotrope William Willemite

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