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CHAKRAS:  Third Eye, Crown


ZODIAC: Sagittarius

ATTRIBUTES: Cacoxenite is a "stone of ascension." Cacoxenite assists in bringing new ideas to our humanity.  Cacoxenite brings rainbows to one's life, allowing to see the positive, beneficial and constructive forces of all events and conditions.  This stone was being used by many during the myriad of planetary alignments, world meditations and during the full and new moons to increase spiritual awareness and transfer healing to the Earth and provide a loving and ethereal connection between all of the universe.   It has been used extensively with Moldavite by the ancient tribes of Czechoslovakia during spiritual ceremonial activities, to bring in the higher macro cosmic energies.  Using Cacoxenite during meditation stimulates awareness of ones existence and can awaken memories  of ones prior existence.       

HEALING: Cacoxenite may be used in holistic treatments. Cacoxenite may be helpful in the treatment of cellular disorders, hormonal responses and as a stress reducer.  The energy of Cacoxenite appears to have a cytophylactic (protection of cells) effect upon the body and may be used to increase the renewal of cells and to promote healing.