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Actinolite in Quartz

CHAKRA(S): Heart - Green, Root - Black
ZODIAC: Scorpio
ATTRIBUTES: Actinolite is a phenomenal, metaphysical shielding device and expands the energy bodies especially when used in conjunction with Sheen Obsidian. Actinolite expands the aura, crystallizes and heals the edges of the energy fields. Actinolite connects one to higher awareness bringing body/mind/spirit into balance. This expansion of the energy bodies provides for connection to "All that is" and facilitates the "brotherhood" of all.  Actinolite is an excellent crystal aid for visualization. Actinolite may be a useful stone the removal of blockages and procrastination. Actinolite is useful if you have lost your way and need new direction, as the energies of this crystal instills a sense of right timing and purpose.
HEALING: Actinolite is beneficial for relieving stress. Actinolite may assist in the healing of asbestos-related tumors and supportive of the immune system, liver and kidneys. All colors may be used to strengthen basic conditions and/or decreasing unwanted conditions. Actinolite is a beneficial energetic support for detoxing and metabolism.
BLACK ACTINOLITE: cleanses and protects the base chakra, gently removing all that is outworn and outgrown in the psyche and opens the way for new energies to manifest.  Black Actinolite provides an efficient shield against any negative thoughts, including your own.  Black Actinolite wards off unwanted thoughts and produce wearing away of unwanted conditions.
GREEN ACTINOLITE: cleanses, protects, and helps to heal the heart chakra
BLUE ACTINOLITE: cleanses, protects and heals the Throat Chakra and may be used for auric shielding.
WITCHES FINGER: this stone is from Zambia, which may have white Actinolite, Tremolite, Rutile or Mica included in Quartz.  Witches Finger is a useful stone for shamanic or earth healing.  Witches Finger stimulates the flow of Qi and stimulates the healing process and is an efficient healing tool during chronic or severe illness. Witches Finger cuts away all that is outworn and heals the site. This formation can also be used for auric shielding or used to grid the environment during chaotic periods or upheavals.